Poor customer experience, inefficiency and legacy are plaguing the insurance industry. We decided to do something big about it.

Build Hi There

The fully digital back office running in the Cloud.


Hi There transforms silos into a connected company


Hi There Selected as One of Nine Companies in the Netherlands for Microsoft’s Scale Up program


A jury of Microsoft Executives and venture capitalists (VCs) selected the nine tech startups for the Microsoft ScaleUp batch in The Netherlands.

The program, designed to offer support for startups who are at a tipping point of becoming a ScaleUp, shows Microsoft’s commitment to expanding its startup activities with the promotion of AI solutions that have the potential to become innovation drivers for the Netherlands.

Microsoft ScaleUp is aimed at mature, later-stage startups in the expansion phase with completed seed financing, which solve problems in various industries and advance the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. The program’s goal is to support them in their growth.

Press release Microsoft January 2019

The Microsoft ScaleUp program in the Netherlands enables Dutch startups that build AI solutions on Azure to build, grow and connect through our ecosystem. These solutions have the potential to become innovation drivers for the Netherlands. We believe that organizations can harness the power of these AI solutions to achieve more and gain a competitive advantage
— Cara Antoine, Director of Marketing & Operations at Microsoft Netherlands.


What have we been up to lately?

Created A fully automated insurer


A full migration of a complete life insurance company to Hi There. All operations except the call center and bookkeeping have been automated. Hi There manages all the other processes, providing all the required portals (including a client portal). Cost per policy: € 5.-.

MigratED Entire life portfolio to hi There


Full migration of 500,000 life insurance policies to Hi There. The migration of all the products and policies was realised within 3 months (including all tests and documentation), acceptance by the client within 1 week, and the complete actuarial annual report was produced with Hi There (including analysis of change and option valuations) in 2 weeks. The client uses this migration project as the example of operation excellence.

Hi There provided a fast and easy to use application:

  • Easily configurable using the tools actuaries know: Excel

  • Quick results by leveraging the scalability offered by the cloud

  • Cost reductions of about 80-90%

Implemented Actuarial & Risk Management for Health


An actuarial and a risk management system for a health insurer, providing all the information required to control the financial position of the insurer:

  • Simple to use: Input and output provided in Excel

  • SaaS solution that runs in the cloud

  • Real time analysis at the press of a button

Product development portal


Deployed a portal used to configure new insurance products and calculate its profitability in real time using a simulation model.

The user is able to specify the exact costs, expected number of policies sold per channel and economic assumptions to determine the profitability of new products under each scenario.

Pension tool for participants


Employees commonly struggle getting an overview of their net pension given the pension accrued across a multitude of schemes and personal investments. Hi There offers a tool that calculates the gross and net pension given the working history and the expected future employment status.

Our Design Principles

  • Reduce costs for managing an insurer to zero

  • SaaS solution, operation in the Cloud

  • Easy to use

  • Reduce time-to-market for new products to zero

  • Manage closed books automatically

  • Optimize the insurer's balance sheet and required capital


How can we help?


Easily migrate existing portfolios to the administration.

Policy Administration

Administer virtually any insurance policy without human intervention.

Actuarial Calculations

Perform all the relevant actuarial calculations completely automatically.

Balance Sheet Optimization

Optimize the balance sheet by fitting the investment and liability portfolio in order to minimize required capital and maximize return on equity.

Personalized Pricing

Calculate real-time individualized insurance premium quotes.

Manage Open/Closed Books

Automate the management of open and closed books and reap the efficiency benefits.

Product Management

Align products with the demand of the market by configuring and releasing new product offerings in real-time.

Audit Assurance

Easily adhere to audit assurance using an automated audit trail supported out-of-the-box.


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